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Mike loves to pass on his knowledge and experience and will design a bespoke course for your organisation or event. His unique way of delivering his talks ensures that they are meaningful and informative whilst peppered with his brand of humour.

He has a great track record having presented at, to name a few, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Manchester Business School,Institute of Marketing, and at sport business training events for Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. He has also spoken at numerous networking get togethers as well as bespoke seminars and work away days.

How the course was hatched.

Over a professional’s lifetime it is possible to build a substantial network of business associates and contacts, but these people must be effective in putting ‘bread on your table’ by either buying your product or service, or by enhancing your career or job prospects.

If you are a serial networker it is crucial that you are able to build, develop and maintain a database of influential people, both on-line and off-line. You must also be capable of differentiating between ‘A’ lister’s and time wasters. Learn to set achievable goals and make daily improvements to your work life.

It was following a fortuitous meeting with a vice-chancellor from Manchester Metropolitan University that Mike was offered the opportunity to deliver a guest seminar to business school students. He chose to answer the question ‘What are the Seven Secrets of Successful Networking?’

The interactive lecture, which took several months to structure, was delivered to a room full of students at the University, who were initially told the story of a business meeting where Mike was offered the opportunity to purchase £78 million worth of residential property being sold by a property development company and, after having done basic due diligence, found thirteen potential investors from his own contact list each with the money required and a good knowledge of property investment. He approached only six and they agreed to partner him if required, and if the due diligence was good.

They had a bond of trust in Mike which says a lot for his reputation. Sadly, the deal faltered and was not completed.

This story relates to Mike’s background not just in property but as a long-time networker and collector of useful contacts, and as a volunteer in the Charity sector.

It is very important to build a strong network and also to maintain contacts. This can be achieved by both on-line and off-line methods, and by far one of the most effective method in initially building this database is through face to face Networking.

Mike was speaking at another event in Media City UK which was attended by Phil Aspden and a couple of colleagues from eGenius, a specialist bespoke online educational web design agency and the idea was hatched to enlarge the programme, rewrite it add a lot of ‘whistles and bell’s instituting an online business networking course.

So https://www.mikesamuels.com/ was born.

About sixteen months later and following a massive amount of research, examining all aspects of business networking, spending time writing, blogging, podcasting in a studio and many meetings and interviews. Phil and his team produced the infrastructure enabling Mike to publish the amazing programme which looks in great detail about how to effectively network.

He examines why and where to network, how to be selective about with whom you network and how to effectively communicate. You are transported to a mythical networking event where you learn how to prepare, both physically and mentally, and how to adopt the correct behaviour, including rules on alcohol consumption, correct conversation topics, meeting, greeting and effective verbal communication.

You learn how to ‘work the room’ and be interested in new people by talking about who they are rather than who you are, and the most effective ways on how to follow up these new contacts.

By following a few simple rules, networking can be an incredibly powerful tool in building your personal business and work related, network. There is so much more you can do to make networking feature as a crucial part of your marketing strategy regardless of the sort of business you run, the size of your organisation or the position that you hold within your company or practice.


Melissa MMU “Thank you for your talk today, I found the presentation very interesting and the information was very useful in gaining networking skills for the future”.

Emma MMU “A very informative and useful lecture towards extending my knowledge within business networking. It was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we will cross paths again!”

Nathalie MMU Lecturer “It was a pleasure having you with us and I look forward to our next meeting when we could possibly discuss educational projects together”.

Im Tom (the lad with an interest in property development) from the lecture you have just taken in MMU to the fashion course. It genuinely was the most beneficial class I have ever taken and I now feel very inspired. Thankyou for your time, Tom

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