Monthly Archive January 2019

Young Communicators

Periodically I receive a magazine from the English Bridge Union to which I must admit I am not an avid reader however today I decided to thumb through it over my lunch.

Bridge is a great card game which I learned more than twenty years ago although I have never reached great standards of play, I do enjoy attending my local bridge club which is welcoming, friendly but full of older people.

Similar to golf, bridge is a great leveller and because someone in the community is a highflying business person it does not follow that they can bid a bridge slam or hit a long straight golf ball.

The article that caught my eye referred to the large numbers of older people and the lack of younger people playing bridge. Obviously younger people prefer online gaming for which I have no objection but the communication skills that relate to both bridge and golf are therefore lost.

Some months ago, I did some consultancy work at a business expo for an accountancy practice and their marketing manager was a twenty-three-year-old very well spoken and educated woman who, on her own admission was struggling to put together a sentence that didn’t contain the work f**k!

Her work online was faultless, and I was in awe of how well she wrote but, face to face she was, well for me, embarrassing.

During this week’s Masterclass and Workshops the question of interaction with younger people was highlighted and that is why I am so active in passing on my skills to the next generation and teaching them how to communicate effectively.