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ByMike Samuels Feb 6, 2018

FUKIT – Follow Up Keep In Touch

One of your prime tasks is to keep in touch with your network. Have a look at this video to see how many of my network were honoured by Her Maje

ByMike Samuels Jan 22, 2018

Be interested rather than interesting

Imagine that you are a very attractive and eligible thirty something successful lady out on her first date with a man that she has met on a datin

ByMike Samuels Jan 10, 2018

Networking Promotional Video

Have a good look at my promotional video and learn some of the value that I can add to you and your networking prowess.

ByMike Samuels Dec 23, 2017

Personal Branding a vital part of your personal presentation

It is essential that you know what your best friends think about you in order that you can realise what your brand is and how you need to tweak i