The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again when we get invited to the Christmas events at our clients or supplier’s locations and we invite them to ours for a corporate get together.

Lots to eat, lots to drink and maybe some more, or new business or some job information to be gleaned. Super networking among our peers and great opportunities to mine out.

Those of you who have attended one of my workshops or seminars will have heard my views on drinking at networking or business social occasions.

My rule, which I urge you to follow is do not have a drop.

Trust me, I am no prude, I have a great collection of malt Whisky and really enjoy presenting at my local groups annual whisky tasting event.

A famous Rabbi once told me that one of the things that you should do after a fraught day at the office is to come home and sit down for a few minutes with a Scotch on the rocks and relax and reflect. Great advice.

A cardinal sin is to not remember what you have said or whom you have insulted at a Christmas event or did you say something or just think that you said something to insult someone.

Did you proposition the bosses PA or worse still Mrs Boss? OMG! You can’t remember.

Stick to my rule, let the others get in a state, you remain completely sober because, it maybe your companies or someone else’s party but if there is a work element you MUST stay fully sober and listen out for the loose tongues.

Let me have some examples of colleagues making a fool of themselves or juicier still, the boss.

Merry Christmas.

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